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[TRANS] Sam daum msg

Hello everyone it’s Leesem unni

I haven’t been to the official café in a while right?

I’m a bit free just doing some vocal recordings since our official promotion period is over ^^

To those fans that come to all parts of the nation every time we have an event, to those fans that are always with us during our active and inactive periods we are always surprised (in a good way)

We are so thankful and love you all

To get to the point,

I got rid of my personal twitter account and I heard that there were those who were worried that something may have happened haha..

Truthfully the fact that there really was no special reason is a bit embarrassing^^

So many people asked so I even thought of making up a reason

It’s just that personally it seemed more comfortable not having one and I didn’t think I would use it often so I just got rid of it

Nothing happened so you don’t have to worry^^

From now on let’s make memories in reality

I always love you all

Translated by: Vivi

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[TRANS] Moon Hyuna daum msg

ah ah everyone -0- hello.

wow I haven’t been to the official fan cafe (club) in a while.

In the beginning I used to talk a lot here with all of you…

with my busy schedule after wild

all those days where it was overwhelming day after day have passed

I’m slowly gaining back my sanity.

I have some free time now haha but it’s rainy season…-_,-

Actually I exploded my sns account in a hurry (? People nowadays seem to say it like this ‘0’) I’m sorry kekeke

They say our mine’s heart is a couque dasse (type of snack in korea) ㅠ0ㅠ

Well honestly there’s no other reason.

You could say I just want to see the world in a bigger picture…

It’s hard to explain but..

Convictions (Your faith/beliefs) tend to change with time

I may some day do it again.

I am very disappointed (saddened) because I started it wanting to have closer conversations (communications) with mine and wanted our relationship to be stronger than any other

But well at least you’re always near keke

Let’s meet often at this official fan café (club) where it’s safe and has somewhat of a shield (barrier). I’ll use the official café, official twitter, official facebook more.

Oh and… these days there’s a saying that people don’t see the world with their eyes but with their phones. I could totally relate to that. Instead of feeling through something else, I miss when I was able to feel the world fully through myself. Though I was young.

Time to see with your own eyes and feel with your own heart.

If so, it’s time for me to go bye-bye from the official café.

I want to recommend this song

John mayer’s “comfortable”

Occasionally I’ll try to upload videos on youtube of Moi (Not sure if that’s right) and Hoya.

I’ll try to capture my members secretly too haha

Good night. My thankful people.

Ah. The 1000days present, letters and your hearts that couldn’t be delivered was very very healing (she really used the English word healing here) for me really bye <3 

Translated by: Vivi

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